Car insurance/possession conundrum

What is truly the most optimistic capacity to present/promote my daughter my car and develop we now need to register and insure in costly Michigan?

My daughter is nineteen (20 subsequent month) and a full-time pupil at College of Iowa. She’s in an off-campus condominium this twelve months so she’s no longer coming home for added than a week right here and there. For all intents and capabilities, at this point she is a resident of Iowa (though the college has rules for residency I create no longer think they’re relevant right here?).

I am getting a contemporary car and would protect to present her my weak one but there are just a few concerns and I am having a no longer easy time making sure that A. I am doing every thing on “the up and up” but moreover B. with out paying an arm and a leg.

If I supreme saved possession of the automobile and added her as a driver on my insurance plans, my monthly funds would stride up by roughly a hundred and fifty%!!
On the different hand! Iowa has some of the least costly auto insurance within the nation. I chanced on it’s MUCH more cost-effective to insure the automobile in Iowa, but it unquestionably desires to be registered in Iowa, meaning that my daughter would need to acquire the automobile. Furthermore, so as to register it in Iowa, she will be able to need an Iowa driver’s license which she currently would no longer have (hers is Michigan).

So at this point I create no longer know if it’s better to protect possession of the automobile and supreme pay the exorbitant Michigan insurance charges, or if we would possibly presumably well well moreover simply indifferent stride by the strategy of getting her extra established in Iowa. Particularly excited about she’s going to be living there for as a minimum 2 extra years, over again, only coming home for a week or weekend right here and there.

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I study the Iowa Department of Transportation websites and it looks treasure she meets the entire criteria to discover a driver’s license in that advise. Nonetheless I am no longer sure if there’s something I am lacking or no longer excited about. I moreover do no longer know if there’s a large distinction between gifting or promoting her the automobile.

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